calcul valoare condensator motor trifazic legat la monofazic

To connect our 380v tri motor in 220v mono (phase + neutral), we will use the triangle coupling.
We will connect for example: the phase in “u”, the neutral in “v”, and it will be necessary to add a capacitor between “v” and “w”
Very important !The capacitor must have a voltage greater than 230V and must be AC ??~, NEVER use a polarized capacitor otherwise it will explode!The usual value of the capacitor is expressed in micofarad “µf”
To find its value it is enough to multiply the power in CV by 50.
Example: a 250w motor (0.25kw)

to begin, you have to convert Watts into horses. for this we divide the watts by 736 (1 CV = 736 W)
In our example 250/736 = 0.34 HP, our engine is 0.34 HP.
To find the value of the capacitor: 0.34 x 50 = 17, so to operate the motor of 0.25kw requires a capacitor of 17 μf.
If the value of the capacitor is less than 17 μf, the motor will work much worse, or not at all.If the value is greater than 17 μf it is not annoying at all.